What Our Weekly Plan Consists Of?

Our plan consists of 15 meals each week. We provide 3 meals each day for 5 days for Monday to Friday. The 3 meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How do I place an order?

Choose your plan from our shop, it will be then added to your cart. You can then select your chosen payment method. Your order will then be processed, and you will be marked in for delivery.

What type of plans do we do?

We Currently have 3 different types of plans available to order. The Standard Plan, The Vegetarian Plan & The Protein Pack Plan.

How do the deliveries work?

Once you have placed your order with us, we will mark you in for delivery. Each customer will receive 2 deliveries each week. The first delivery will be on a Sunday and will contain 9 meals for Monday until Wednesday. The second delivery will arrive on Wednesday and will contain 6 meals for Thursday and Friday. Delivery times each day will vary but will be after 4 O’clock.

Do I choose which meals I want for the week?

No, we operate using a set menu system. Meaning that each customer will get one of each of the meals from our menu.

When do I have to get my order in for the following week?

We have a cut off point of 9pm each Friday for the following week.

I have a certain allergy; can I still order a meal plan?

Yes, you can, any requests or allergens can be added to the notes when placing your order.

Do you do gluten free or vegan plans?

Unfortunately, we do not prepare gluten free or vegan plans, due to the size of our kitchen.

Do you deliver nationwide?

No, but we have various collection points around Leinster.